Space City!
Coverage of the Gay Liberation Front

Space City! was a Houston underground publication lasting from June 1969 to August 1972
and accordingly was Very liberal. Wiki describes it Here.
and all issues can be Found Here
And thanks to Dr Brian Riedel for tipping me off to this source that he found while researching his book.

In almost every issue they gave some coverage of the Gay Liberation Front, or just Gay Liberation
(as "Front" was dropped in mid-1971). Usually it was just to post about their meetings on a calendar, like this one...

Also see This Link to compare coverage in The Nuntius

  But there was a Lot of more substantial coverage, and I have gathered the most interesting clippings....
shown in date order


Palace Club
and mention of The Nuntius

Above, well-known NYC GLF activist Jim Fouratt


Below, the Red Room
also, see The Nuntius

The Nuntius, again

by this time GLF had dropped "Front" from their name


Art Wren's restaurant

Ron Young was a staff writer and apparently a member of the Houston Gay Liberation


for this letter, it's GLF again