Gay In San Antonio:
A Sense of Belonging

A controversial event held May 1, 1976
One of the earliest for San Antonio

First, with the announcement of Federal funding being given
for the conference, which of course brought out the bigotry

NO, the $50,000 was split among nine organizations. The gay
group got only $5,000, but don't let that stand in the way
of firing up a controversy.

From Houston's lesbian magazine Point Blank Times

As an aside, at the Texas Gay Conference II, held in
San Antonio in June 1975, a resolution was passed
in support of Jim Eggeling in a job dispute



And the Conference is held...

From This Week in Texas

Good summary article, This Week in Texas

More from This Week in Texas,
Note that the Friday night reception was not mentioned in
the general press, no doubt in effort to avoid protests