BWC - Because We Care

~1973 - 1979

A Community Scrapbook
Yes, it's titled Integrity/Houston
but it covers everything


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As the pages are large, it is presented as a PDF,
so they can be zoomed out to read.
It's a large file, may open slowly.
The scrapbook is about 20"x20"
Photos taken by Sara Fernandez
and Loaned by Larry Criscione, Botts Collection

Selected Pages

Selected Items

Below, not sure who put together this flyer, but I have a good guess...Ray Hill.
While I found no mention in our local press about a "Brazos Circuit,"
or for that matter, the "Montrose Circuit"....the highlighted area places
it exactly at the location of The Farmhouse, 2700 Albany, owner, Gene Howe.

I posted the above on Facebook and immediately got an explanation:

The first Diginty Newsletter, 9/72 ...only the first page can be read in the
scrapbook, as it is glued down, but you can read all of it at this link

Included in the Scraptook was THIS ISSUE of Community News,
from Dallas, more easily read at this link

Below, historic photo as it includes Bill Buie, one of the four
founders of the Gay Political Caucus, a rare pic of him

Also see the main section for