AIDS Safe Sex
Workshop Videos

AIDS Risk Reduction Workshops were held all through the late summer and fall of 1985.
They were co-sponsored by the KS/AIDS Foundation of Houston and the Montrose
Counseling Center, and Michael Wilson and Bill Scott led the workshops.
Below is a video of likely the first one, probably August 1985 (released on video in 1986).
I split it into separate parts for each moderator. It was held at Numbers #2 bar.

Part 1 
Michael Wilson
48 minutes

videos are large --
may download slowly

   Part 2
Bill Scott
53 minutes

At about the 21 minute mark in this half is a role play
demonstration, featuring several models from the
Play Safe Calendars

I have seen at least six similar ads from August through November 1985,
focused on other community segments: Black, Hispanic & Young Adult.
And 300 Westheimer was/is the location of Numbers #2 bar.


Condom Workshop
June 17, 1987, Mecca

Hosted by
Jay Allen, Bar Owners Association of Texas, owner of The Galleon
Bill Scott, Montrose Counseling Center
Mark Canfield, Montrose Clinic & Harris County Health Department

This is two hours of a 3-hour session, directed to bartenders,
and was Much more casual than the one above

WATCH Part 1, 64 min.

WATCH Part 2, 55 min.