Memorials Held in Mary's Patio & OutBack

This information is also located on the Houston ARCH (Area Rainbow Collective History) website:

A listing of those members of our community for whom memorials were held at Mary's.
Many of these people's ashes were placed in the Patio Bar area and the Out Back area
at Mary's. Memorial plants were also placed in the Out Back in memory of many people.
If you have any names to add to this list, please contact Brandon Wolf at

below, with links to obituaries

01. Baldozo, Manny
02. Bartlow, Mitch
03. Beauregard, Gary
04. Braswell, Russell W - 'Pinky Flashwell'
05. Burroughs, Jack
06. Buschlen, John
07. Cayton, Brock
08. Davis, Marvin – 'Lady Victoria Lust'
09. Denning, Lee
10. Denton, Carl Jr.
11. Dunwoody, Dennis
12. Farmer, Jim – 'Fannie' (urn buried in     Out Back mound, marked by Sugar     Maple tree)
13. Gray, Bill
14. Harris, Floyd - 'Shorty' (near big Live     Oak, middle of west side)
15. Lampkin, Paul


  16. Liddel, Tommy – 'Torchy Lane'
17. Lippert, Leif
18. Livingston, Rita (Hibiscus was planted,     but remains went to Flagship Pier)
19. Lococo, Vince
20. Kennedy, Robert - 'Ethel'
21. Mathis, Judy
22. McAdory, Michael 'Mac'  Lord Mac
23. Miesch, Mike
24. Millen, Michael Joseph
25. Parks, Randolph (shot glass of
    Smirnoff released with balloons;     memorial plant)
26. Phillips, John Paul
27. Roberts, Carol Lea 'Carolyn'
28. Roberts, Jerry
29. Robinson, Tim
30. Riojas, Frank - 'Rita Charles'
31. Ryan, Chuck
32. Schall, Don (ashes planted with white     Crepe Myrtle tree in Out Back)

33. Sebastian, Nate
34. Smith, Marc
35. Smith, Terry
36. Sommers, BJ   BJ Rustin
37. Michael Saylors
38. Unknown, Parker (marked by tombstone)
39. Unknown, Unknown ('Mad Madge')
40. Wadford, Tony – 'Eartha Quake'
41. Warren, Billy
42. Wenckus, Jon (purple Dendrobium Orchid     sprays tied to balloon releases)
43. Williamson, David Earl - 'Meg'
44. Woods, Don


01. Farmer, Jim - German Shepherd 'Sam'
02. Roberts, Carol Lea - Several Pets
03. Scott, Doug ('Dog Lips') - Dog
04. Numerous Other Pets

45. Numerous Other Houston GLBT Community Members (estimates are 200-300)

A cylinder-like time capsule was buried in the Back Patio area in the 1970's by the
Houston Motorcycle Club. ...unknown what happened to it