Houston LGBTQ+ Political Caucus

Name was updated in September 2021


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Below, a few of the 90+ attendees

Note, the Links in the above graphic are active

And, Just Like That....(6 1/2 hours later)...there are Endorsements

All with the extraordinary moderating skills of Brandon Mack

Caucus Press Release, 2/24/22
Condemning Gov Abbott's transphobic actions


Caucus Meeting, 3/2/22



Spring Fundraising Event
We Are One Honors
Presented by Chris Hollins
Produced by Harrison Homer-Guy

State Rep Garnet Coleman
Kofi, Drag Performer/fundraiser
Linda Morales
Terri Richardson, Former Caucus President
the late Congressman Mickey Leland


Special Photo Page

May Caucus Meeting

Jovon Tyler, Jack Valinski and Stephen Miranda


Caucus Meeting, 7/6/22

Mario Castillo, Vice President

Pillars of Pride

Honoring Caucus Women

Partial Banner showing, about 8


View Program                                                     View Clip, 6 sec




Endorsement Meeting, 8/13/22


About 175 in attendence
below, one of 6 screens



View the Program

Wow, several of the Queer Voices team members got engraved awards, Thanks!

Brunch Photos, by Ben Maltabano





These three posted by The Chamber, photographer unidentified
Lane Lewis, Joelle, Jovon



The Caucus Board
It changes some every year, and in January voting will be
held to fill Seat 2,
as Daniel Williamson is stepping down.
and all odd number seats will be open.

Big changes, Jovon Tyler and Mario Castillo are leaving,
Jovon is now living in Atlanta
Mario to run for a City Council Seat
Austin Ruiz will run for President

On to 2023

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