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Community Political Action Committee
(probably 1984-1985)

I term it above as "probably," as this history gets murky and confusing.
In the November 1983 election period the GPC endorsed feminist Nikki Van Hightower
over liberal black Anthony Hall for City Council. Some in the community, supporting Hall, were
upset by this and started their own group, C-PAC

above, Mayor Whitmire also did a bar tour in 1981

of course the name above should be Community Political Action Committee


The disasterous 1985 referrendum on gay rights job protection left the community
open for lots of stone throwing amongst members of various groups. During the
Fall 1983 election the GPC had endorsed Nikki Van Hightower, while C-PAC endorsed
Anthony Hall (who won), and there were different opinions on how the ordinance
should have been approached. The next few articles are shown not to really shed
light on the formation of C-PAC (as they do not), but to show its level of involvement
in that time's politics.

point - counterpoint

Gregg Russell was with the Caucus not much longer. He later moved to
Denver, becoming politically active there, and died of AIDS in 1990.

In November of 1985 the group did election endorsements

Below, the last listing in the TWT Guide section was 6/24/88
but I would not assume from appearance that the organization
had been active up to that point. It may have been a courtesy
listing. CHE also got such listings for several years
past any visible activity.

My conclusion is that there were two C-PACs, not related
Please let me know if you can clarify this

This is few years seems the term "C-PAC" seldom by itself makes the news,
and by this time it appears to solidly be a part of the GPC, and not a separate organization.
Below are a few matter-of-fact mentions in succeeding years.

Above, from the current Caucus Political Action Committee site


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