Who would expect a lesbian publication in Lubbock, Texas?

Well, from July 1986 until the end of 1996 Dimensions was in print.
"On Our Backs" called it a non-political, lifestyle magazine, and it
was mostly on the lighter side, with a bit of national news, poetry,
book reviews, advice columns, horoscopes, etc.
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Running mostly around 40 pages, with colorful covers, it was begun
by Roxanne Hunter (Editor, until March 1989), Kelly Chambers
(Assistant Editor, and soon Managing Editor). Tasha Sumner did
Art and Advertising. And those were the prominent people through
the magazine's run. In September 1988 Houston writer Nancy Ford
brought her very popular "What a World, What a World" column
(also syndicated elsewhere) and she stayed until the end.

By 1996 they were down to a bare bones staff, with Chambers and
Sumner now co-Managing Editors, Ford as the main writer, and the
number of pages dropped sharply, signaling the end.

Nancy Ford began contributing the column "What a World"
with the September 1988 issue

One of their best qualities was their wide distribution...all across
Texas and reaching into Oklahoma, serving a lesbian market
not always addressed.

I want to thank Nancy Ford for loaning me her archives of the publication,
29 issues, so that I could include it in my website. I do not by far have had access to all of the issues, but there are enough to be quite representative.

May 2018--
A bit of Archival serendipty, I was contacted by Shay Beezley, a librarian at the University of Central Oklahoma, who found this page and said they were digitizing their collection of Dimensions. That is now complete and they are gracious enough to share them with me.... 48 additional issues!
I am very pleased to credit them as follows: any issue with the Property of Herland Library/Property of the Center notation was provided by Chambers Library’s Metadata & Cataloging department at the University of Central Oklahoma. Thanks!

And there are obviously a number of missing issues,
Please, if you can provide digital or real copies let me know.


July 1986
First issue
I have none
from that year,
or before Aug 1987)




Aug 1987, PDF

Sep 1987, PDF

Oct 1987, PDF

Nov 1987, PDF

Dec 1987/Jan 1988, PDF

1988, PDF

Mar 1988, PDF

Apr 1988, PDF

May 1988, PDF

Jun 1988, PDF

Jul 1988, PDF

Aug 1988, PDF

Sep 1988, PDF

Oct 1988, PDF

Nov 1988, PDF

Dec 1988/Jan 1989, PDF

Feb 1989, PDF

Mar 1989, PDF

Apr 1989, PDF

May 1989, PDF

Jun 1989, PDF





Jul 1989

Aug 1989, PDF

Sep 1989, PDF

Oct 1989, PDF

Nov 1989, PDF





Dec 1989-Jan 1990





Feb 1990

Mar 1990 , PDF

Apr 1990 , PDF

May 1990 , PDF

Jun 1990 , PDF

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Aug 1990 , PDF

Sep 1990 , PDF

Oct 1990, PDF




Nov 1990

Dec 1990-Jan 1991, PDF



Feb 1991

Mar 1991, PDF

Apr 1991, PDF

May 1991, PDF

Jun 1991, PDF

Jul 1991, PDF

Aug 1991, PDF

Sep 1991, PDF

Oct 1991, PDF

Nov 1991, PDF





Dec 1991-Jan 1992

Feb 1992, PDF





Mar 1992

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May 1992





Jun 1992

Jul 1992, PDF





Aug 1992

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Oct 1992

Nov 1992, PDF

Dec 1992/Jan 1993, PDF

Feb 1993, PDF





Mar 1993

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Jun 1993



Jul 1993

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Sep 1993





Oct 1993





Nov 1993

Dec 1993-Jan 1994, PDF




Feb 1994





Mar 1994





Apr 1994

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Dec 1994-Jan 1995, PDF

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Sep 1995

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Nov 1995, PDF

Dec 1995/Jan 1996, PDF





Feb 1996

Mar 1996, PDF





Apr 1996






May 1996

Jun 1996, PDF

Jul 1996, PDF

Aug 1996, PDF

Sep 1996, PDF

Oct 1996, PDF





Nov 1996

Dec 1996/Jan 1997, PDF


The Dec 1996-Jan 1997 issue was the last

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If you can provide scans of the missing issues, or loan them to me, please let me know

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