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The publication began in 1982 in Baton Rouge and moved to New Orleans in 1985.
Orginal publisher was Rip Naquin (shown at right), assisted by his husband, Marion
Martin Greeson, a female impersonator who uses the name Marsha Delain. Read about
their story
. Naquin died in August 2017, see obituary.
Marsha died a few months later,
in December, but before that sold the paper to TJ Acosta.

After Rip's death the paper missed a few months, and came back in October 2017
with someone Acosta hired as Publisher. That person did not work out, not did
another, and TJ Acosta has been the current Publisher since June 2018.

Of course Ambush covered news from across the state, but went further. They had a
large presence in Austin. I think this was because that city itself was poorly represented
by a newpaper of its own. Also, they were blessed with an agressive sales staff.
Ambush once in a while covered the Houston area, with a contributing columnist from
there, but generally left Dallas and San Antonio to themselves. They are lucky
to have Frank Perez writing about LGBTQ NOLA and Louisiana history.


1-4-8304, PDF
& 1-7-8307, partial

1-9-8308, PDF

1-10-8309, PDF

1-11-8310, PDF

1-12-8312, PDF

2-1-8401, PDF

2-2-8402, PDF

2-3-8403, PDF

2-4-8404, PDF

2-5-8405, PDF

2-6-8406, PDF

2-7-8407, PDF

2-8-8408, PDF

2-9-8409, PDF

2-11-8411, PDF

3-2-8502, PDF

\3-3-8503, PDF

3-12-8512, PDF

Issues at first were a bit amateur, but by the end of 1983 had made huge gains in quality, printed on nice slick paper, 8 1/2"x11".
I have not seen issues for 1986 through 1987, but by 1988 they were on 11"x14" newspaper stock, and jumping from 24 to over 70 pages by the 1990s. The magazine went from monthly to biweekly some time between 1986 and 1988.

6-2-8802, PDF

6-6-8806, PDF

12-10-9405, PDF

14-24-9612, PDF


Again, issues from 1997 to 2017 can be found at

And from 1998 to the present at 

I scanned just a few after 1997 below...

16-12-9806, PDF

18-23-0010, PDF

21-15-0307, PDF

23-08-05054, PDF

34-1-1601, PDF



Another observation is that once they became newspaper size they mostly adopted the practice of selling
ads on their cover page...quite unusual, but apparently worked for them, as they have done it for decades.

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After the death of founder Rip Naquin...


Also see the bottom of This Page for
Around the Clock, a New Orleans gay weekly, 1984-85