The Proclamation
JD Doyle Day

Party held at the Phoenix Room of The Eagle


   I am very grateful to Stephen Miranda and Gareth Morgans for making this possible.
Gareth is Deputy Chief of Staff at the Office of Council Member David W. Robinson,
and presented it on behalf of Mayor Turner.

While it could have done with some editing for length, it covers a lot, with one error though. I did not
"start" the Banner Project. Sara Fernandez was the founder and I was dragged into it
soon after. She, our designer Kirk Baxter and myself are the triumverate that manages it.
And yes, it's too small to read, so see below...

October 27, 2022...This Just In!
I took part in a Banner Project panel sponsored by the Chamber and they surprised each of us with
Proclamations. That's two in about a month! As they are similar you can see the newer
one by passing your cursor over the one below.
See this page for event coverage.

Below, Gareth Morgans presentation


Presentation Video

Party Pix
most from Sara Fernandez














Sorry, were under a purple light, but hope to get a better pic soon

More photos to be added

Here's some from Brett Buffalo...

I especially like this one, with Bryan Hlavinka and Ross Hancock
and even like the one below left


Tammi Wallace and Sara Fernandez deep in some conversation
and below, not a great pic of Judson Dunn and me, but lots going on in the back ground
...even my dog Parker on the monitor
(there was a constant slide show of my photos)

The Banner Team, Sara Fernandez and Kirk Baxter and me



Quick Videos
12 clips 20-30 seconds long,
captured by Sara

A couple 360° ones taken by Brett Buffalo,
though I really need a special viewer for them


Thanks again to Stephen Miranda for all the work,
I'm sure Blake helped, and to Bryan Hlavinka for
helping with the invitations, and to Mark De Lange
for making our use of his space so welcoming


And below, I think this is cool.
I got over 500 BDay wishes online and this one was
from a nonbinary Facebook friend from Oakland,
who shares my name.