Dallas / Fort Worth
Assorted Publications
1971 - Present

This section of this site will feature downloadable and searchable PDF files of selected early
gay & lesbian publications, mostly from Dallas and Fort Worth. This is by no means all of the ones that existed, just the ones to which I had access, and all are rare and interesting. If you can provide other issues of these and similar publications for scanning purposes, please contact me. I am displaying these in roughly year order. Access
to these publications is courtesy of U of H LGBT Resource Center, Todd Camp (of Fort Worth) and the UNT Portal of Texas History.

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Click for an Incredible Article on the
Fort Worth LGBT Community, by Todd Camp

Our Community, Dallas, 1971-1972

Our Community

An early Dallas publication; it included a bit of Houston mention.

With Issue #12, 1972 it merged with the Houston pub The Nuntius, which would last through 1974.

Around 12 pages. No staff names were given until Issue #8 when Steve Jonsson was listed as Editor.

Issue #1, Mar 1971, PDF
Issue #2, Apr 1971, PDF

Issue #3, May 1971, PDF

Issue #8, Oct 1971, PDF

Issue #9, Nov 1971, PDF

Issue #11, Jan 1972, PDF

Iconoclast Comes Out, August 1971
Iconoclast was a counter-culture anti-war newspaper published from 1971-1977, and apparently this was a special gay issue. Out of Dallas , except for this issue, it was just called Iconoclast. This was Volume 1 #31, August 1971. PDF
Community News, Fort Worth/Dallas, 1974-75

Community News
An early North Texas gay newspaper, published by AURA (Awareness, Unity and Research Association), Allen Reid, Editor. Several issues were jointly published with the Northern Region of the TGTF (Texas Gay Task Force). Unsure how long it was published.

These scans courtesy of U of H LGBT Resource Center.

Vol 1-2, May 74, PDF
Vol 1-3, Oct 74, PDF

Vol 1-4, Dec 74, PDF

Vol 1-6, Feb 75, PDF

Vol 1-7, Mar-Apr 75, PDF
Vol 1-8, Jun 75, PDF

Vol 1-10, Jul 75, PDF
Vol 1-11, Aug 75, PDF

Texas Gay Conference Programs, 1974-1982

Texas Gay Conferences

The TGC was formed in Fort Worth in late 1973 and was held annually through 1982, rotating in different cities around the state to organize political activism. Conferences featured national speakers. At right are programs plus other correspondence.

Programs + Notes

TGC-I-06/21/74, PDF
TCC-II & III-06/75-76, PDF
TGC-IV-6/18/77, PDF
TGC-V-6/9/78, PDF
TGC-VI-8/17/79, PDF
TGC-VII-10/17/80, PDF
TGC-VIII-9/4/81, PDF
TGC-IX-9/3/82, PDF

see Link for more

Tarrant County Gay Alliance (1981 - 1991?)


Begun around January 1981, it was always a very slim newsletter. I happen to have one per year 1983-1991, would love to have scans of more.
Vol 1 #2, June 81, PDF

More: PDF


With their name change in February 1991, I presume the newsletter name became The Alliance News.
Published monthly, switching to twice monthly in 1985. With the May 1993 issue it switched from booklet to tabloid.
I have not seen issues between 1991 and then to tell when that transition to booklet happened.
I was thinking the abrupt change of Volume numbers between July and August 1993 was to enable a better documenting of the beginning of TCGA News, but that does not add up....the newsletter began in Jan 1983, the volume numbers were already correct...so, no idea why the jump to vol 13
...and, how long did it last?

The Alliance News (1991 - 1997?)

The Aliance News

Published monthly in
Fort Worth by Beverly Fletcher (see Intrepid)

20 pages

Between 12/96 and 5/97 editorship passed on to Brian Batchelor and Geoffrey Eichhorn

Vol 10-5, May 1993, PDF

Vol 10-6, Jun 1993, PDF
Vol 10-7, Jul 1993, PDF

Vol 13-8, Aug 1993, PDF
Vol 13-9, Sep 1993, PDF

Vol 13-12, Sep 1993, PDF

Vol 14-01, Jan 1994, PDF
Vol 14-02, Feb 1994, PDF

Vol 14-03, Mar 1994, PDF
Vol 14-04, Apr 1994, PDF

Vol 14-05, May 1994, PDF
Vol 14-06, Jun 1994, PDF

Vol 14-07, Jul 1994, PDF
Vol 14-10, Oct 1994, PDF

Vol 15-02, Feb 1995, PDF
Vol 15-03, Mar 1995, PDF

Vol 16-12, Dec 1996, PDF

Vol 17-05, May 1997, PDF

Metro Times (Dallas) 1980 - 1985
Tryst Entertainment Magazine

Metro Times

The only full copy I've seen (Vol 1 #20) puts this as a 1980 newspaper. It was published and editied by Roy G Hall, and this particular issue (he was sick) sets a very low bar for content.

Vol 7 #20, 1/8/81, PDF

last issue was 7/5/85

Page 5-14-021485, PDF


Tryst Entertainment

Tryst was a thin, short-lived Texas statewide publication, based out of Dallas, with a dash of full-frontal nudity. This is the November 1975 issue...not sure how many were before or after.

Nov 1975, PDF

Tarrant County Gay Pride Week Programs


Tarrant County
Gay Pride Week

Spanning 1987 to 2012

See This Page

[ Courtesy of Todd Camp ]


Dallas Gay News (1982 to 1984)

The Dallas Gay News

Houston Publisher Henry McClurg started the Dallas Gay News basically because there was no gay paper there, other than the Metro Times. He hired Don Ritz and Robert Moore to run the paper, and the first issue was September 10, 1982. In April 1984 Ritz and Moore, logically, decided to start a newspaper in Dallas themselves, which became the excellent publication Dallas Voice, still in existence. See next listing.

See Special Section for DGN
Dallas Voice (1984 to present)

The Dallas Voice

Per Wiki, it's "the premier media source for LGBT Texas," and I agree. Founded in 1984 by Publisher Robert Moore, with Editor Don Ritz. Ritz retired in 1998. Dennis Vercher took over until his death in 2006. Tammye Nash then named Senior Editor, which she still does. In 2013 Publisher Robert Moore sold company to Leo Cusimano and Terry Thompson (who retired in 2017). The paper is available as print versions and also totally online at UNT.
See this great recap of Dallas and Voice history....
and this page for The Dallas Voice

Vol 1-1, 5/11/84, PDF

Llambda Community News (1983 to 1985)

Based in Forth Worth, the Llambda Community News had its debut issue on 8/21/83 as a bi-weekly, and lasted 31 issues, by that time a monthly to Feb 1985. I have not had access to scan these yet, but here are some of the covers.

Intrepid (1993)
Metroplex Irregulars (1989)
Trick Card (1994)


Large format newspaper from Fort Worth with Editor Steve Ramos and Beverly Fletcher as Associate Editor. News and features, 16 pages, and this issue with an article on Todd Camp.

Vol 1-2, 3/5/93, PDF

Metropolex Irregulars

What is this? It looks like a program but no mention of a particular event, and no mention of the cover (I presume) singing group inside. And it is packed with Fort Worth bar ads, community news and a few articles...not really dated but by the ads is late Summer of 1989.

August 1989, PDF

Trick Card

Jason Cook and Mark Alexander were Editors of this breezy kinda monthly bar paper, billing itself as 'Dallas' Satirically Correct Zine." This issue is the premier and I have no idea how many more there were, if any.

Sep 23, 1994, PDF

TRN (TexStar Roundup News), 1993 - 1994


Founded by Doug Maples in Arlington with first issue in Nov 1993. He started Vol 2 in Jan 1994 and not sure it lasted past the end of that year. It was a compact-sized monthly. There were two issues in Nov 1994. About 50 pages.

TRN-2-2-9402, PDF

TRN-2-4-9404, PDF

TRN-2-5-9405, PDF

TRN-2-6-9406, PDF

TRN-2-7-9407, PDF

TRN-2-9-9409, PDF

TRN-2-10-9410, PDF

TRN-2-11-9411, PDF

TRN-2-12-9411, PDF

TRN-2-13-9412, PDF


Rebound Magazine, 1996

Rebound Magazine

Another Doug Maples
bar pub...out of Arlington. I don't think he understood how volume numbers work. 12 pages

Vol 6 #5, 6/10/96, PDF

Vol 7#7, 9/12/96, PDF






Tri State News, 1999
Underground Station - 1997

Tri State News

This is the first issue, not sure how many there were but it was a bar pub done by James Allen, of Lake Whitney, TX (half way between Ft Worth and Waco). 20 pages, almost pocket size

October 1999, PDF


Underground Station

Kenneth LaMarr was Editor of this gay Black publication from Dallas. It was almost pocket size, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", ~40 pages, unknown how long it was printed.

Vol. 1-4, May 1997, PDF
Fort Worth Ally, 2001 - 2004

Fort Worth Ally

Published/Edited by Steven Geer, October 2001 through May 2004. A quite professional 20-30 page paper of news and community info.

11 1/2"x12 1/2"
~16 pages

Can you help provide more issues to scan?



Vol 1-8, 12/14/01, PDF
Vol 1-9, 12/21/01, PDF

Vol 1-10, 12/28/01, PDF
Vol 2-1, 01/04/02, PDF

Vol 2-3, 01/18/02, PDF
Vol 2-4, 01/25/02, PDF

Vol 2-5, 02/01/02, PDF
Vol 2-6, 02/08/02, PDF

Vol 2-7, 02/15/02, PDF
Vol 2-8, 02/22/02, PDF

Vol 2-10, 03/08/02, PDF
Vol 2-11, 03/15/02, PDF

Vol 2-12, 03/22/02, PDF
Vol 2-13, 03/29/02, PDF

Vol 2-14, 04/05/02, PDF
Vol 2-15, 04/12/02, PDF

Vol 2-16, 04/19/02, PDF
Vol 2-17, 04/26/02, PDF

Vol 2-18, 05/03/02, PDF
Vol 2-19, 05/10/02, PDF

Vol 2-20, 05/17/02, PDF
Vol 2-21, 05/24/02, PDF

Vol 2-22, 05/31/02, PDF
Vol 2-23, 06/07/02, PDF

Vol 2-24, 06/14/02, PDF
Some Gaps...

Vol 2-32, 08/09/02, PDF
Vol 2-34, 08/23/02, PDF

Vol 2-35, 08/29/02, PDF
Vol 2-36, 09/06/02, PDF

Vol 2-37, 09/13/02, PDF
Vol 2-38, 09/20/02, PDF

Vol 2-39, 09/27/02, PDF
Vol 2-40, 10/04/02, PDF

Vol 2-41, 10/11/02, PDF
Vol 2-42, 10/18/02, PDF

Vol 2-43, 11/08/02, PDF
Vol 2-44, 11/13/02, PDF

Vol 2-46, 11/15/02, PDF
Vol 2-47, 11/22/02, PDF

Vol 2-48, 11/29/02, PDF
Vol 2-50, 12/13/02, PDF

Vol 2-50, 12/20/02, PDF
Vol 2-52, 12/2702, PDF

Vol 3-1, 01/03/03, PDF
Vol 3-2, 01/10/03, PDF

Vol 3-3, 01/17/03, PDF
Vol 3-4, 01/24/03, PDF

Vol 3-5, 01/31/03, PDF
Vol 3-6, 02/08/03, PDF

Vol 3-7, 02/15/03, PDF
Vol 3-8, 02/22/03, PDF

Vol 3-09, 02/28/03, PDF
Vol 3-10, 03/07/03, PDF

Vol 3-11, 03/14/03, PDF
Vol 3-12, 03/21/03, PDF

Vol 3-14, 03/14/03, PDF
Vol 3-15, 04/04/03, PDF

Vol 3-16, 04/18/03, PDF
Vol 3-17, 04/25/03, PDF

Vol 3-18, 05/02/03, PDF
Vol 3-19, 05/09/03, PDF

Vol 3-20, 05/16/03, PDF
Vol 3-21, 05/23/03, PDF

Vol 3-22, 05/30/03, PDF
Vol 3-23, 06/06/03, PDF

Vol 3-24, 06/13/03, PDF
Vol 3-25, 06/20/03, PDF

Vol 4-19, 5/14/04, PDF

Above, there are a few gaps, which I would love to fill....a two-month gap in 2002, along with a big gap (June 2003 to May 2004), and any after 5/14/04....let me know if you have copies I can borrow and scan
OutFW, 2006 - 2008

Published monthly by Stan Beck
I have no copies yet....can you help?

Using the Internet Archive I was able to find
these tiny images of three issues of OutFW,
and they were about half this size on the page
....too small to really read but you can get a
flavor of the publication, on this page
March, August and September 2008

Rumba, 2008-2012


Based out of Dallas, a state-wide bar pub with a Latino slant to it and lots of slick bar ads and drag features. Early issues, under Publisher Alberto Rey, had a degree of article content, but that lessened through its run.

Publisher by late 2011 was Jose "Ricky" Fernandez. It was 5 1/2x8 1/2" and about 30 pages. They attempted biweekly publishing in mid-2012, apparently all ending that year.

The September 2011 issue was a special 8 1/2"x11" issue, likely as a (Dallas) Pride issue.

Access to about half of these issues courtesy of the U of H LGBT Resource Center.

As you can see, I am missing a few issues.
If you can send or loan them Please let me know

Vol 1-1, Dec 2008, PDF
Vol 1-2, Jan 2009, PDF

Vol 1-3, Feb 2009, PDF
Vol 1-4 Mar 2009, PDF

Vol 1-5, Apr 2009, PDF
Vol 1-6, May 2009, PDF

Vol 1-7, Jul 2009, PDF
Vol 1-8, Aug 2009, PDF

Vol 1-09, Sep 2009, PDF
Vol 1-10, Oct 2009, PDF

Vol 1-11, Nov 2009, PDF
Vol 1-11, Dec 2009, PDF

Vol 1-12, Jan 2010, PDF
Vol 1-13, Feb 2010, PDF

Vol 2-3, Mar 2010, PDF
Vol 2-4, Apr 2010, PDF

Vol 2-5, May 2010, PDF
Vol 2-6, Jun 2010, PDF

Vol 2-7, Jul 2010
Vol 2-8, Aug 2010, PDF

Vol 2-09, Sep2010, PDF
Vol 2-10, Oct 2010, PDF

Vol 2-11, Nov 2010, PDF
Vol 2-12, Dec 2010, PDF

Vol 3-1, Jan 2011, PDF
Vol 3-2, Feb 2011, PDF

Vol 3-3, Mar 2011, PDF
Vol 3-4, Apr 2011, PDF

Vol 3-5, May 2011, PDF
Vol 3-6, Jun 2011, PDF

Vol 3-6, Sep 2011, PDF
8 1/2"x11" issue

Vol 3-7, Oct 2011
Vol 3-8, Nov 2011

Vol 3-9, Dec 2011, PDF

Vol 4-1, Jan 2012
Vol 4-2, Feb 2012, PDF

Vol 4-3, Mar 2012
Vol 4-4, Apr 2012, PDF

Vol 4-6, 6/15/12, PDF

Vol 4-9, 7/27/12, PDF



See THIS PAGE for Dallas publications that were more statewide, like...
QTexas and TXT


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