The War Conference

I am fortunate to have this photo from the event, though with about 200 activists
present, I do not know if this group represents any particular team

Top row, left to right: unknown, Andy Humm, Michael Callen, Phil Wilson, Michael Rosano, Charles Stewart, Hal Kooden, Jim Kepner, unknown

Middle Row: Jim Fouratt, Joyce Hunter, Michelle Crone in light blue, Joyce Dempsy making peace sign,
unknown below her red sweater, Steve Alt light blue, Leslie Cagan grey sweater, unknown far right black sweater
Bottom two: Ray Hill and Torie Osborn,

Radio Report on This Way Out, by
Charles B. Stewart, 4/1/88, 4 min, LISTEN


     Invitation to the War Conference, 12/15/87              "A Call to Conference...A Call to Action," 12/15/87
PDF                                                                                         PDF

Final Statement of The War Conference, 2/28/88                                                                                     

Only Ray HIll attended from Houston, and the clipping above right
demonstrates the complex challenges to getting something done