Queer Nation-Houston
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1993 - 1996



KPFT "Lesbian & Gay Voices" coverage

ACT-UP Gulf Coast interview by Jack Valinski, with
Keith Stewart, Gary Grant, and Teri Richardson, 5/21/93. Update on
group activities, and brief mention of QN-H at 6:40, total is 14:50

Brian Bradley, 6/4/93, commenting on the Paul Broussard
murder sentencing and Q-Patrol, 18:29,
interviewed by Jack Valinski and Deborah Bell

PDF for 6/11/93 article

Below, discussion of activism, including ACT-UP and QN

PDF for 6/24/93 article

Pride Parade 1993

sorry, I forgot who sent me these

I spotted the above photo in an article posted to a Facebook Australian Queer Archives group.
The article
does not identify the two women in front, but I can. They are Sylvia Ayres and (with hat)
her daughter transwoman Leslie Perez, probably in Houston, early 90s


PDF for 9/24/93 article


above, not Queer Nation but of interest


See Bradley Obituary




below, San Francisco chapter sticker

One of my other sites is Queer Music Heritage and my March 2010 show included some QN info.

Below, I was not a member of QN, but I could not resist buying this shirt, circa 1992

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