2000 to 2004

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Founded in the Fall of 2000 by Richard Moore.It was started by the Dallas Voice when TWT folded (in Aug 2000), and the last issue was 12/31/04. Offices in Dallas and Houston, with Dennis Vercher as Editor. Alan Gellman (once TWT publisher) was Managing Editor until his death in January 2001.

In Jan 2005 it merged with the Texas Triangle to become TXT Magazine. It was a very slick pub, 8x11" format. Good TX bar coverage.

I used a different criteria for scanning this publication. As there was only a few pages per issue of 'Houston content' I only scanned those pages, and left out national syndicated articles, which were mostly non-Texas related. The main value of Q-Texas is in the bar information. During those years it has very little competition. TWT ended in 2000 and the Houston Voice was a newspaper and not 'bar focused,' so when certain bars even existed was not found in many other sources. Several with * are complete issues.

For all practical purposes, this was a 'bar rag,' and there's nothing wrong with that. And it looks like a fairly extensive display...
64 issues, but that's only about 25% of the 250 published over its almost five years. But this collection I think serves
a good representation of the data available, namely what bars were open when. So, lots of 'missing' issues I have not had
an opportunity to digitize, if you can help, let me know.

Vol-1-4-101300, PDF

Vol-1-7-010300, PDF

Vol-1-8-111000, PDF

Vol-1-9-111700, PDF

Vol-1-11-120100, PDF
Entire Issue

Vol-1-14-122200, PDF

Vol-1-16-010501, PDF

Vol-1-21-020901*, PDF


Vol-1-29-041301*, PDF


Vol-1-31-042701, PDF

Vol-1-32-050401, PDF


Vol-1-35-052501, PDF

Vol-1-37-060101, PDF

Vol-1-38-060801, PDF

Vol-1-43-071301, PDF

Vol-1-47-081001*, PDF

Vol-2-5-101901, PDF

Vol-2-7-110201, PDF

Vol-2-8-110901, PDF

Vol-2-9-111601, PDF

Vol-2-15-122801, PDF

Vol-2-16-010402, PDF

Vol-2-17-011102, PDF

Vol-2-19-012502, PDF

Vol-2-20-020102, PDF

Vol-2-21-020802, PDF

Vol-2-25-030802, PDF

Vol-2-28-032902, PDF

Vol-2-29-040502, PDF


Vol-2-37-053102, PDF

Vol-2-38-060702, PDF

Vol-2-43-071202, PDF

Vol-2-44-071902, PDF

Vol-2-50-083002, PDF

Vol-2-51-090602, PDF

Vol-2-52-091302, PDF

Vol-3-2-092702, PDF

Vol-3-3-100402, PDF

Vol-3-4-101102, PDF

Vol-3-5-101802, PDF

Vol-3-6-102502, PDF

Vol-3-7-110102, PDF

Vol-3-9-111502, PDF

Vol-3-17-011003, PDF

Vol-3-18-011703, PDF

Vol-3-20-013103, PDF

Vol-3-23-022103, PDF

Vol-3-24-022803, PDF

Vol-3-25-030703, PDF

Vol-3-30-041103, PDF

Vol-3-32-042503, PDF

Vol-3-33-050203, PDF

Vol-3-34-050903, PDF

Vol-3-36-052303, PDF

Vol-3-40-062003, PDF

Vol-3-41-062703, PDF

Vol-3-43-071103, PDF

Vol-3-45-072503, PDF

Vol-4-1-091903, PDF

Vol-4-2-092603, PDF

Vol-4-10-112103, PDF

Vol-4-12-120503, PDF

Vol-4-13-121203, PDF

Vol-4-23-022004, PDF

Vol-4-24-022704, PDF


Vol-4-41-062504, PDF

Vol-5-5-101504, PDF

Vol-5-6-102204, PDF



(not sure if issue #5-6, 10/22/04 was the last issue; it's the last I've seen)


And, TXT Newsmagazine lasted one year