Parade Disco
December 79 - March 82

But first there was Parade Disco in New Orleans,
which is still open as the upstairs of the Bourbon Pub
The club opened around August 1974

the club was not listed in the July issue of Contact, and the previous club The Caverns was in the June issue


Bourbon Pub / Parade Disco, New Orleans


Jerry Menefee was the owner

Extreme Trivia: seeing mention of the sign for the old Texas Opry
House on Richmond I remembered where I had seen the
back yard of Mary's, which could also be seen from the street

and below it is seen still at Parade, during a fundraiser


















Not sure of a date for this VIP pass, provided by Johnny Peden














below, last week indeed.....


became the new bar at that site, but it did not last long,
only from April to October 1982

5000?? I really doubt it, the fire marshall would have shut that down quick

and they really did not advertise much in TWT




And now that building was leveled years ago to become part of the Menil Collection