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True Love Lies (2010)
[scans courtesy Mary Hooper]

New Century (2010)



The Laramie Project (2010)

When I Knew (2010)

Normal Heart (2010, Stage Reading)



The Tempermentals
I do not think the production below happened. There was a production of this show,
directed by Jimmy Phillips for Celebration Theatre, in 2012, See its program.
Also see this in depth article on the production.

not sure how many, if any, of the above ideas were actually produced

The Guys (2011)

Joe moves to Dallas in 2012

Standing on Ceremony (2012)

Men on the Verge of a His-panic Breakdown (2013)


Timekeepers (2013)

Joe moves to Eureka Springs, 2014
(which is in NW Arkansas)

Love Letters (2015)
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
directing and acting

Tony Kushner Essays (2015)

Lying in Judgement (2015)
Eureka Springs


The Trump Card (2016)

An Act of God (2017)

below, Kurt Bennett

To recap recent years, Joe moved to Dallas in 2012, to take care
of a close friend who was sick. And after the friend died, he moved
to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, in 2014. Joe moved back to Houston
in November 2017, to more closely deal with his own health concerns.

above, headshot, year unknown
below, Joe's favorite shirt


Joe was in the Montrose Singers in the early 1980s

Below, Gay Pride Concert, June 1982, performing "A Slow Drag"

According to the caption on this photo from Joe's Facebook profile, this shot is
from when he was in the 1980 film "Urban Cowboy," though in an undredited role


These two photos were from a batch for sale on eBay from a dealer in Arkansas.
I did not win the auction but grabbed the images, which were later identified to
have included Joe, above in the tank top, and below seated on the right. If you can
provide more info, like the where and when for these I would appreciate it.
Joe did live in Eureka Springs before Houston, so these were of he and his friends.
Actually, it's quite amazing that I spotted these and their relevance became known.

There was a mini-contoversy about these photos, as the dealer could not
resist inserting homophobic comments into his ad. I complained to him
and to eBay, and then others did as well, and the ad was finally pulled,
and he relisted then without his bigoted comments. They went for too high
a price for me to try to bid.

Here's some of the story.

Joe was amazingly detailed in his record-keeping and among his files I found a resume and notebook.
The Resume lists quite a few acting roles that did not show up in these many pages of reviews.

Joe Watts Resume

Joe Watts Notebook of Plays



Above, he could be a grinch, and below, 2015 photo in front of his house in Houston; and a 2017 shot