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The Dallas & Richard Longstaff Story

Dallas, 1971 - 2014

Longstaff Obituary

This page will not focus on the ads, as most of them covered both stores, but there is Lots more...
mostly with Longstaff's struggle with INS to stay in the country,
but don't miss the special retrospective articles from the Dallas Voice from 2014



a couple photos from the UNT online archives

Above, year unknown, but obviously an event photo, with Bill Nelson

Below, Terry Tebedo, co-owner of Crossroads, and Richard Longstaff, , probably early 1980s

Nelson and Tebedo were partners and are Dallas heros

In all this extensive coverage over the years of the immigration story I noticed that there was not an "end" to the story.
In other words, did Longstaff obtain citizenship? I asked David Taffet, writer for the Dallas Voice for decades, for the answer: