The Soixante Quinze
aka 6015
6015 Westheimer

The Soixante Quinze (6015) was only open for a short time,
from October 1977 until 8/5/78, not even a year. They
simplified their name, to 6015, in July 1978 but that wasn't
enough to get folks to trek out Westheimer, past
Fountain View. The location is now a Pappadeaux.


The owner was listed as Lew Waldman








and between 7/8 and 7/15 they changed from Soixante Quinze to 6015,
and in the ad below it's not clear if they wanted to go by Boogie Nights,
but it was not listed that way in the TWT guide

above "6015 is changing"....apparently into a closed bar

Above the Guide section of TWT for 8/5/78, listing the 6015
and below for 8/12/78, with it gone. I have been assured by
those in the bar business that the TWT kept close tabs
on what clubs were open and closed.

currently a Pappadeaux Restaurant