The Round Table Bar

507 Westheimer, in "Homo Heights"

1965 - 1974

This letter to the Editor of TWT spurred me into seeing what
I could dig up about the bar, and I found more than I expected.

Below are all the references I could find in the available gay press,
and those sources include The Albatross (1965-1968) and
The Nuntius, with data found in 1971
The span of years for the bar to be open (1965-1974)
is from research by Dr Brian Riedel, Rice University

By the way, the internet tells me Parke Laney was 44 when he
wrote this and 29 when he frequented that bar


The bar was not mentioned in the Albatross until 1966



Below, Cole's Directory verifies the Round Table
at this address through 1972, did not check after...


The bar was not advertized for several years in the gay press,
but this ad infers it is back...

Owner listed here above as Winston Womble

Regarding the ad copy above "The Hub of the 'Heights'" I believe this is referring to
then current slang of that area being the "Homo Heights," as seen in the ad below, from September 1970

...and in this article from Gayboy from 1972


Not a gay publication at all, but the April 1973 issue of Texas Monthly
ran an excellent article on the state of the Montrose community;
13 pages....mentioning The Round Table. The article is heavily about
Prufrock's, owned by Dorothy Schwartz, who also owned The Round Table

TXM 04/73 PDF

Research indicates the bar was open until 1974.
Certainly by 1975 the space was occupied by the Daily Double

Since 2012 it's been the site of the several failed
restaurants, like Radical Eats

Map of the 507 Westheimer loaction and google view, with of course the old building long gone