Another gallery unrelated to Texas gay history.....

Record Dudes

I have loved vinyl records all my life, so it's natural I would gather these vintage photos.



















Above, first let me put on this Johnny Mathis record, then chances are your chances are pretty good

Okay, not nude, but here's Rock Hudson and Sal Mineo


Below, actor Barry Coe, ~1954

Listening to Stan Kenton's "Portraits in Standards," 1953
and Modern Jazz Quartet's "Fontessa," 1956
(with his photographer caught in the mirror)
I just love this, a slice of home life in the 1950s

From 1957...

...just under a Christmas program is the 1957 LP "Flying Platters"

below, may be a European or UK photo, as the 45s do not have the large 'holes'
though the trash can says in English 'rubbish'

and, if I were born twenty years earlier, this would be me