The Bars at 1732 Westheimer
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Different Drum


The Location


this gets confusing....same location, three bars

The Locker Room opened circa May 1974
and shortened its name to The Locker by the end of the year

It closed October 1979

The Different Drum opened in this location 5/2/80
shortened its name to The Drum in Spring 1982
and closed 8/12/83

Tthe Locker re-opened and took its place
from 12/9/83 until June 1984
lasting seven months

and The Drum re-opened 6/15/84
and lasted nine month, until March 1985

Chutes opened 1/30/86
and closed (rather dramatically) July 1990


From the Empire Cafe website, they conveniently left out the part about
the building housing three different gay leather bars over the years,
or what they spent during renovations on lysol