Robert's Lafitte
Some History


2501 Avenue Q @ 25th St /Rosenberg

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Lafittes first opened in 1965, by Calton LeBlanc, at 305 Rosenberg / 25th Street, now an empty lot.
I pulled these findings from the Galveston Library's city and telephone directories, and verified
that the club was not listed the year before.


The club appeared in the local Houston gay press,
and the only press we had at that time was The Albatross


The club moves...

The Nuntius appeared in 1970, and notice the name has been changed
to Robert's Lafitte, as Robert Mainor bought the club. Robert's bar
celebrates it anniversary from 1970, but I am counting 1965 as the founding year.

Above, local press verification that Robert took over Lafittes in May 1970





City Directory, 1975 and newspaper notice


Note the center ad (1980) says "3 yerars present location since fire"

well, this piece says Robert's Lafitte opened in 1969, meaning that was when
he bought Lafittes and changed the name, but I think that was 1970. For one
thing many ads over the years refer to it being the X anniversary of the club,
with the X always counting back to 1970

Mainor was one of the gay senior citizens featured in the 2015 documentary "Before You Know It"