Just Marion & Lynn's

817 Fairview and 903 Richmond
A long-time and historic Houston lesbian bar, open from 9/14/73 until April 1987.
It was owned by Marion Pantzer and Lynn Hornaday

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Candid Photos of Marion and the bar, etc


Below, December 9, 1973 flyer, for Integrity/Houston function at the club




Not sure what role Lynn Smith played at Just Marion & Lynn's but cool that she made the cover

In late 1978 Pantzer opened a second bar, for the younger crowd, Marion's Too,
at 109 Tuam


above last TWT listing including Marion's Too, which would normally imply
it closed the next week, though it was at least used for a meeting in May and a concert
at the end of June...so closing date is uncertain

a rare exterior shot of Just Marion & Lynn's was featured in a general article about the bars, 11/21/80

after the 1970s the club did not advertize much in the local gay press, unlike the mens bars...
perhaps they figured their market knew where to find them and they could save the ad money


below, first guide listing after the club moved to 903 Richmond

Tragedy stuck on March 11, 1986, when Marion was shot and killed
during a robbery. There is much more info on this obituary page
and also in a tribute piece about her by Nancy Ford




above, last TWT guide listing mentioning the club,
though it got a mention the next week. As TWT kept
their guide listings very current I have to assume
that the club closed on their anniversary weekend,
after fifteen years

below, 817 Fairview, and in second photo, after some remodelling, site of TC's Showbar
in an earlier incarnation it housed the club Cousins

below, Richmond location, January 2015