Gay Political Caucus

Courtesy of the Botts Collection
from the files of Upfront


Xmas Party 1978

Gays & the Law Forum
December 1978

above, Carol Shrader, below, Bob Fleischer

above right Carol Fennema, and to her right Don Hrachovy

Don Hrachovy

above & below, Kathy Whitmire addresses crowd

below, seated, Steve Shiflett

Party with NGTF folks

February 1979

Steve Shiflett, Jean O'Leary, Larry Bagneris, Ginny Apuzzo, Bruce Voeller

Bruce Voeller with Greer Price

April 1979 Meeting
& Campaign Events

below, Steve Shiflett and Ray Hill

Carol Shrader
below, with Lance Lalor (on right)

above, Asst Police Chief Mckeehan

Larry Bagneris (center) voter registration

I think this was held at Mary's patio

above and below, Lance Lalor

Mickey Leland

Steve Shiflett

Kathy Whitmire

Caucus Meeting, 1979

I can only name a few people...

above, Larry Bagneris (with button)
below, Carl Hays (grey hair)

above (plaid shirt) Rita Wanstrom