Galveston Gay Bars
Through the Years


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Robert's Lafitte, Some History

Galveston Splash 1979 & More

Kon Tiki Club

Mary's II

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Robert's Lafitte   

23rd Street Station

Rumors Beach Bar 

You may notice that some of the same addresses show up with different bars in them...clubs moved around and took over the same spaces

This page will travel through the years of Galveston gay bar ads.

And, No, the Bamboo Hut (on the beach) was not really a gay club,
though you would not know that during Spash Weekend in the late 1970s.

First, a couple of general articles, from 2001 & 2004

Robert's Lafitte, Garza's Kon Tiki, Venture-N, Evolution, Purgatory

Read more of the special Galveston issue, 5/4/01, PDF

Robert's Lafitte, Garza's Kon Tiki, Third Coast, Undercurrent

Article on South Padre Island, Galveston,
and Corpus Christi, April 1976

A comment on this data...the clippings provide a loose timeline effect, but...

Sharp readers may notice there are not clippings for every year, but this should not
be taken to mean bars were not open those years. Instead it could be a comment on
the times and a reflection on the gay press. For one thing, the gay press was in
Houston and these clubs were 50 miles away, so advertizing may not always have
seemed like a worthwhile investment . Also, in some years it would be more of a
reflection on the press itself. A main media choice was This Week in Texas (TWT),
and that publication was dormant much of the 2000s and spotty in the late 2000s at
best, as was the Houston Voice after around 2006. And in the recent digital years
ads would only exist online and then would be gone.

Bar Ads
in chronological order


Glory Hole


Scarlet Angel


Gym Baths


Kon Tiki, Mary's II, Robert's Lafitte


Kon Tiki, Fruit Jar, Mary's II, Robert's Lafitte

Mary's II
(in PDF) Fruit Jar, Paradise, Dirty Sally's, Robert's Lafitte

Ciao, April, 1976, Read Article, PDF


Mary's II

Robert's Lafitte


Robert's Lafitte, Kon Tiki, Silver Palace, Guest House Lounge


Mary's II, Robert's Lafitte, Kon Tiki, Islandia Motel, The Fly

Bamboo Hut

Islandia Motel, Some Other Bar, Mary's II, The Fly, Robert's Lafitte, Kon Tiki

Silver Palace Saloon


Islandia Motel, Kon Tiki, Robert's Lafitte


South 40, Mary's II


Kon Tiki, Robert's Lafitte, An'Us, The Fly (and...wouldn't the Anus be on the other side of The Fly?)

Mary's II

Kon Tiki, Robert's Lafitte, Silver Palace Saloon, The Fly

Silver Palace Saloon, Mary's II


Kon Tiki, Robert's Lafitte, Silver Palace Saloon, The Fly

Trammp's, Kon Tiki, Silver Palace Saloon, The Fly




back when the Houston businesses used to organize Splash trips to Galveston

Trammp's, Mary's II



Trammps, apparently a grand opening of the New Trammps





must have been an off year for the Galveston ads?


Garbo's, Kon Tiki




Garbo's, Greta's, Mary's II

Above, photo by Gary Jackson of Terry Losiewitz, 1991, at Mary's II






Ocean Cabaret

Robert's Lafitte

[ these gaps are more of a commentary on there being not many
gay publications in which to advertize than on the clubs'
desire to do that ]




Sanddollar Saloon




Third Coast, Garza's Kon Tiki, Robert's Lafitte, Undercurrent, Pink Dolphin

Third Coast

Pink Dolphin
...and, this article says Lafittes opened in 1955, no, it was 1965

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