Female Impersonator Miss Billie Ert
"Legally" Marries in Texas

Billy Ert, or Billie Ert, made lots of news....



Billie Ert, 1942 - 9/12/76


Daniel Williams has been documenting the legal details
of same-sex marriage in Texas, and has set up
a timeline

He's uncovered two documents of interest. In the first it reveals
that things were stirring on the issue even before Ert & Molina
got their marriage license on Oct 5, 1972:

See a PDF of the entire Letter
Not that it matters, but neither the license or ceremony were held in Travis County,
though of course that is the county for Austin.

And an additional determination was issued after the wedding, see the entire PDF

The Texas Code was modified in 1973, effective Jan 1, 1974

A journalist for the Houston Chronicle wrote a feature on Billie Ert in November 2014
As I have some comments on it, read it on this page

And, a more legal look is found at this link, by Daniel Williams