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Raids of Gay & Lesbian Bars, Baths, Bookstores, & Parks
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Like many cities Houston has a long history of bar raids. Here are
some clippings that tell a little of the story...by no means complete.

Page 1 - 1967 - 1979
Page 2 - 1980 & Mary's
Page 3 - 1981 - 1986
Page 4 - 1987-1993
Page 5 - 1994-1998
Page 6 - 1999-2004
Page 7 - 2006 - Park Arrests

But first..........some from 1957-58
The Pink Elephant and Desert Room are mentioned


below, not a raid but Pink Elephant related

One of the early ones, in 1967, involved the raids of the women's bar Roaring Sixties, due to customers
"cross-dressing," defined as them wearing fly-front pants. This first article tells of that struggle.


The story is also told, by Rita Wanstrom, in this1987 TWT feature.
Download a PDF of the article.

And the Banner Project devoted a panel to the story.






Armadillo Club

Milam @ Drew



Despite the above blog entry, I could find no verification of the news being
spread around the state and country, or of fundraising. I found the short
paragraph above from TWT, 7/10/76, and a slight reference below in the Nuntius...
frankly, there was hardly any "gay press" around to report on it

below, Norm Thompson's comments on this event, posted to Facebook July 2017



the 1982 article below mentions the 1978 Locker raid

Also see
Rally Protesting Bar Raids, Jan 9, 1978


Rally Against HPD

Photos below from Upfront files, by J Hardy Williams

Above, with sign, Carol Fennema; Carl Hays to her left, behind her was Richard Burkhardt, and behind him was Phil Slusser


Above, Phyllis Frye; Below, Ray Hill


above front in dark shirt, Alice Shrader


above left, Peter Armato
below, Ray Hill and Alice Shrader


see next page for 1980