From the Montrose Marching Band
to the Houston Pride Band
A long history...

Organization Names
Montrose Activity Center (MAC) Marching Band - through August 1979
Montrose Marching Band - August 1979 -1981
Montrose Symphonic Band - 1981-1987
Lone Star Symphonic Band - 1987- 1995
Houston Pride Band- 1995 - present

Photos & Clippings (this page)
Programs and Sound Files

Website and Facebook Page

While what would become the Houston Pride Band began getting together to play in 1978
they really ramped up in the Spring of 1979 to get ready for the March on Washington.
They were first the Montrose Activity Center Marching Band, then the Montrose Marching Band,
then the Montrose Symphonic Band, the Lonestar Symphonic band and finally the present name.

Here are some highlights, programs and sound files.

Click to read an excellent account of their history

and this one, from May 1989

The Band was honored by The Banner Project



See this page for about 30 more photos of the band in the 1979 parade (photos 40 - 59)

good photo, but I believe the caption above is wrong, as this is the MAC band

The above TWT Guide section listings show the name change to Montrose Marching Band in early August 1979

More Pics at this Link

yes, they led the March on Washington

above from Outsmart, August 1999

More Photos of the December 14, 1979 Concert


I believe the above was at the softball game between gays and the HPD and Fire Department





1981 Pride Parade

above, looks like at Mary's





I don't believe they were able to raise the funds to accept this invitation











New Name







Debbie Hunt & Connie Moore



If you have scans of additional clippings or photos to contribute to this page please contact me

and, many photos from recent years can be found at their Facebook Page