Andy Mills Tribute

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There are also extensive sections on the history of the
Montrose Singers, which became the Gay Mens Chorus, and the...

Montrose Symphonic Band, which became
Lone Star Symphonic Band, which became the the Houston Pride Band

Andy was founder of the Montrose Singers, which became the Gay Men's Chorus of Houston

Probably the first photo taken of the Montrose Singers, May 1980,
for the program for their June 5-6 performance at the Tower Theatre

It was actually first used as advertizing in the program preceding their performance

and then in the first program

Also, my QMH show for November 2010 was a 9-hour special on Gay Choruses,
and I interviewed Andy (and Dr Linus Lerner) on the Houston segment, Part 4.
You can hear him tell of Ella Fitzgerald loaning her piano for the Montrose Singers
concert, of how when he was manager of Mary's he was able to get the owner
to essentially fund the chorus and band, to the tune of over $80,000.

The photos below were taken in 2010 when I interviewed Andy for my Nov 2010 radio show.

Early Photos


Above left, 1940s, right is likely high school graduation

above, as a chef, date unknown
below is dated 1974

above, probably 1980s, sign says "Kindred Spirits," not sure where taken
below, Andy in the kitchen

Below, at Mary's, the 1979 Pride t-shirts had just arrived


above, at 1979 Pride Rally, with co-chairs Carol Fennema and Larry Bagneris

above, at the 1979 Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, with the Montrose Singers
two photos below, at the 1979 March on Washington

Above, Andy with Rebecca, at 1980 Spotts Park Pride Rally; and at Mary's
(Lance Lalor was Controller 1982-1988)

above, Montrose Singers Xmas Concert, 1980
below, Montrose Symphonic Band Xmas Concert, 1980, at Bering Methodist Church

below, with Carl Hays and Debra Danburg, at the July 1981 Fred Paez Memorial Rally

below, Marion Coleman and Andy Mills were Grand Marshals at the 1982 Pride Parade

Dennis Dunwoody, an early partner of Andy's, who died in 1987

Below, photos proofs, 1996

Above, in 2003 for the 25th Anniversary of Pride, all prior Grand Marshals
were honored in a joint tribute, and Troy Christensen did a series of videos
of them, with the one above including Andy and Marion, who appeared
several times during this clip. I encourage you to watch all 5 parts. Click To View.

above, Sax Works, Xmas in July, EJ's, 2011: Lupe Ybarra, Kevin Taylor, Andy Mills, Lisa Mace, Skip Martin
below, 1/31/2015, Kenneth Clayborne (Director of GMC), Jason Stephens (Conductor, HPB), Andy and Steve Shannon


On January 31, 2015 a Tribute Performance for Andy was held at the RMCC

Here is a short video of the song Andy conducted at the concert
13 minutes, video by Sara Fernandez
Click to View

And here are videos of the entire program
Part 1, 26:42
Part 2, 27:05
Part 3, 27:05
(Andy's remarks begin at Part 3, 24:00)
Part 4, 9:47


At the concert...with Mayor Annise Parker, JD Doyle, Larry Bagneris, Marion Coleman and Brandon Wolf


Also, Andy was interviewed by Jack Valinski on Queer Voices
on 1/26/15, 13:31 min, Listen


Oral History Interview

Andy Mills, an Oral History, by Andrée Bourgeois,
9/29/09 to 3/4/10, 11 min. LINK