Houston Women's Festival
1995 to 2011

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Clippings 1995-2002
Clippings 2003-2011




Catie Curtis, Ginger Leigh, Sonia, Kristie Stremel, Holly Light, Nini Camps, Lalcyon

First year at Jones Plaza

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Eileen Faxas, Michalle Mayfield, Katie Reider, Halcyon, Ellis, Zrazy, Ruthie Foster, Nini Camps



2005 Newsletter


Melissa Ferrick, Patrice Pike, Whitney McCray, Susan Gibson, Holly Light,
Beth Wood, Tamaras, Michelle Mayfield, Yvonne Perea, Natalia Zuckerman




Patrice Pike, Garrison Starr, Ginger Leigh, Ginn Sisters, Echoset,
Erika Luckett, Adrian and the Sickness, Deidre McCalla Laurel

In 2006 there was also a Winter Fest

Beth Wood, Yvonne Perea, Natalia Zuckerman, Carolyn Wonderland, Melissa Ferrick


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Ruthie Foster   

Ruthie Foster, Susan Gibson, Amy Speace, Kellye Gray, Trina Hamlin,
Lindsay Mack, Paige Lewis, Mary Cutrufello, Sarah Glynn, Ginger Leigh

But Here's a KPFT Queer Voices interview by Jenifer Rene Pool
with event producer Sharman Petrie about the Festival,


Sarah Bettens, Carrie Rodriquez, Blame Sally, Sister Funk,
Wendy Colonna, Ginger Leigh, Robin Smith, Kari Kuramura



YouTube clip of K's Choice at 2008 HWF





Michelle Malone, Sick of Sarah, Vicci Martinez, Suzanna Choffel, Flawlessly Inadequate,
Trini Hamlin, Natalia Zuckerman, Gadget White, Jevette, Ginger Leigh

Click to View Sonya Jevette

no festival held in 2010

Terri Hendrix, Ginger Leigh, Wishing Chair, Paige Lewis, GBmojo,
Gina Chavez, Shelley King, Robin Kirby BCPA and Nancy Ford

if memory serves me, this shirt was designed by Ginger Leigh

2011 was the last festival

The Athena Project

The Athena Project also presented many other events through the years.