Houston Women's Festival

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all photos by JD Doyle,
unless otherwise stated



Above, photographer unknown


please, please, if you can send me additional photos, especially
for years I have none, I would much appreciate it!


photographer unknown



Above, Sara Hickman
Below, Diana Jones; Gretchen Phillips & Sara Hickman
photographers unknown



Above, Anna Egge, Cowboy's Nightmare
photographers unknown



Above, Ruthie Foster, Zrazy; Below, Patrice Pike
photographer Kim Thompson

Above, Lisa Rogers of Therapy Sisters


Above left, Gretchen Phillips
Above right, Houston business person Suzanne Anderson

Yeah, from the Festival, but these folks are representing the Pride Committee,
with Jack Valinski, Troy Christiansen and Jim Duke, and two others


All photos for 2000 by Kim Thompson

Tina Schlieski, Terri Hendrix and Tret Fure

Vendor table and group of friends

All photos for 2000 by Kim Thompson

Above, Connie Moore & Debbie Hunt, on left
below, Christy Claxton

Above, Therapy Sisters
Below, Sean Wiggins

above, poet Donna Garrett

above center, festival founder Shirley Knight


Sarah Golden

above by JD Doyle, below by Kim Thompson

Ruthie Foster; and vendor (Kim Thompson photos)


All photos below for 2001 by Kim Thompson


Above right and below, Ruthie Foster and band


above, Patrice Pike
below right, Cafe Mocha




Above, Sean Wiggins and Ann Reed


above Sean Wiggins and Miss Money


above, Billie Duncan, Elizabeth White, Annise Parker
below, Ann Reed and fan

Below, Cowboy's Nightmare





below, Ferron & JD, Zrazy



above, more Zrazy and Zoe Lewis (with me)
below, Sarah Golden


above, Sarah Golden, and she sang a song a requested, "Tangled Up in Blue,"
...she's not recorded it but I had heard her do it before and loved it.
I recorded it on my mini-disc recorder,
so not terrific sound, but you can hear it.

below, Sarah Golden & Zoe Lewis

Below, by Diane Litke, Kristie Stremel and two of Melissa Ferrick


Photos below by Kim Thompson

Michelle Malone

Nini Camps and Edie Carey


Melissa Ferrick on stage

Zoe Lewis and Carole Nelson of Zrazy; the rest of Zrazy



Anne Heaton; and (with hat) Kristi Stremel with some fans
below, AssistHers table


above and below, crowd shots


Above, vendors and below, volunteers

below, vendor and art show, by Susana O'Docharty

2002 Contact Sheets, by Kim Thompson



Due to bad weather, event had to move indoors, to Chances


above, Catie Curtis & Sonia, and Sonia and her drummer
Below, Catie Curtis




above & below, Sonia



Above, Holly Light
Below, Sonia, and Catie, unknown and Sonia




Above, Sarah Golden, Below, Ellis




Above, Ellis; Below, Halcyon




Below, Zrazy






Above left, HWF founder Shirley Knight; below right, Natalia Zuckerman




HWF Booth at 2006 Pride Fest


I admit when the festival producer asked if I had any suggestions for who to book,
I right away stressed the importantance of honoring our pioneers.
I nudged her to try to book Deidre McCalla, and it happened.
I had interviewed her in 2004 on my QMH radio show.

Above photo by Diane Litke, who is below left with Deidre. Diane is a supreme
producer of house concerts (Richardson, TX) and great photographer.
Below, of course I got my photo taken with Deidre, and it seems those were
the only ones I took that day.






In 2006 there was also a Winter Fest


Above, Melissa Ferrick and Natalia Zuckerman
Below, Melissa and me, Diane Litke and me


Below left, Shirley Knight in the center, next to Melissa
Below right, Melissa & Natalia played several numbers together






Above left, Natalia and Melissa....and they were dating at the time. The did a utterly fantastic version
of "My Funny Valentine" that I wished I could capture...actually I tried to record it, but the crowd and
background noise defeated my effort. Above right, Houston music fans Diane and Deborah Bell.


Above and Below, Yvonne Perea






Above, Blame Sally


Above, Emcee & Performer Ginger Leigh
Below, SisterFunk




Six photos below grabbed from a stray myspace page, photograher unknown





no festival held in 2010


Above left, Emcee Nancy Ford, at right and below, Ginger Leigh


Below, Bekah Kelso & Ginger Doss


Wishing Chair



Above, to promote the Festival I had Paige Lewis (at left) and event producer
Sharman Petri on the KPFT show Queer Voices. Note the Festival flyer on the
bulletin board. I also asked Sharman to provide some interview information,
and you can read that doc.