Houston Women's Festival
1995 to 2011

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The Houston Women's Festival was an annual event held from 1995 through 2011,
only missing one year, 2010. It always included booths for artisans, craftwomen,
and vendors, and was a welcoming space. But most important was the music...
they brought in local, regional and nationally known women musicians, and even
international, such as Zrazy from Ireland. Under the auspices of the Athena Art Project,
it was founded by Shirley Knight (shown at right) and, over the years other women,
such as Sharman Petri, stepped in to produce the event. It takes a village. I thank
Shirley for providing me with many files for this section.

I would love to present even more clippings, so if you can provide
scans or loan them to me I would much appreciate it.


Download 1996 Program

(there may not have been a program for 1995)



Pam Ross, Girls With Guitars, Vickie Shaw, Mary Hall, Liviya, Planet Earth Performers,
The Freds, Diana Jones, Gretchen Phillips Experience, Velvet Hammer, Niobe, Lori Brundett, Nancy Ford




Paper Moon, Glenda Trotter, Lesli Wood, Rawslyn Ruffin, Kelly Conway, Nancy Ford, Liviya Compean,
Girls With Guitars, Diana Jones, Nancy Scott and Millie Marlow, Cow Pattys, Outrageous


Zrazy, Jamie Anderson, Cowboy's Nightmare, Diana Jones, Therapy Sisters, Lesli Wood, Linda Lou


1998 Festival Newsletter


Kim Sevier, Kat Drake and Robin Borthwick, Mary Catherine Reynolds, Liviya Compean,
Ana Egge, Lord Douglas Phillips, Vickie Shaw, Sara Hickman, Cowboy's Nightmare, Zrazy

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Click for Recap on YouTube                                                                                         1999 Promo, Mostly 1998 Footage


1998 Zrazy's Set, 55 minutes                                                          Lord Douglas Phillips Set, 24 minutes

Several other YouTube clips can also be found on This Page



1999 HWF Newsletter

Suzanne Anderson, Marianne Troiano, Allison Smith, Diamella, Ruthie Foster, Nancy Scott,
Jeannie Smith, Patrice Pike, Zrazy, Lord Douglas Phillips, Cowboy's Nightmare


Chris O'Toole, Noria, Elaine Townsend, Tchiya Amet, Red Hot Blues Mamas,
Tina, Terri Hendrix, Therapy Sisters, Tret Fure


Elizabeth White, Jennifer Marks, Ruthie Foster, Cafe Mocha, Sean Wiggins, Ann Reed, Patrice Pike,
Cowboy's Nightmare, Jeannie Kauffman, Edie Carey, Sarah Golden Miss Money, Robin Reagler

Mailer - Download


Kristie Stremel and Melissa Ferrick (photos by Kim Thompson)


Sarah Golden, Melinda Mones, Kristie Stremel, Jevette, Zoe Lewis, Ferron, Zrazy, Michelle Malone, Melissa Ferrick,
Teresa Kolo, Kristie Rae, Lesli Wood, Nini Camps, Anne Heaton, Edie Carey, Liviya Compean, Slim Bloodworth

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