The 2306 & The Arena

These bath houses were apparently owned by the same
owners, as within a few months of the Arena opening
it started sharing ads with The 2306, which continued
until its last ad in 1981

The 2306 - March 1978 to March 1984
The Arena - August 1980 to May 1981

More people may know the address, 2306 Genessee,
as that of Meteor, by that time a Charles Armstrong club
(photo courtesy Doug Barnes)
If those walls could talk....

the building itself is now gone, leveled for new construction

Their competition included the Club Baths and Midtowne Spa


Gene Saxon was the manager
and he moved around



it took a few months to learn the spelling of Genessee






The Arena

above, first ad for The Arena

Above, first Arena ad after it opened,
below, first TWT Guide listing


Above and below, last ad including The Arena and last Arena TWT listing

From one of my friends who was active in the bars in Houston at that time:
"I belonged to 2306, always a good place for a buddy fuck. I went to Arena
exactly once, horrible atmosphere, poor set up, not cool at all, whereas
the 2306 was a great place."

Note: during the time period that The Arena was open, on the second floor,
on the building's main floor was the bar Gay Country, and then
Houston Country, and the Sassee's. So, lots of turnover in that building.
The Officer's Club opened in June 1982





above, last listing in the TWT Guide for the 2306