Book Club Houston

I am VERY pleased that Book Club Houston invited me for a reading of my book.
Not only are they a quite good looking group, but it was a very fun time.
I did an intro, telling of how I became a historian, leading up to writing
the book. Then a reading of the first Houston chapter,
but added
(hopefully humorous) side comments not in the book.

The host for this month was Jose Garcia, and I have a selection of photos
from various members. After the Q&A we adjourned to the 4th floor that
has a patio view from EADO of the skyline, for the mandatory group pic.

a couple photos, like the above, have others to see if you hover over them


Wiith host Jose Garcia
I has a special shirt made, and got it just in time for this meeting

Austin Faulk, (far corner red shirt) one of my dentists, in my book's honor wore 501 jeans, with the
bottom button unbuttoned, as in my book's cover (and then after he showed me, he buttoned up)

above, showing the group the special bookmarks...


Above, a panorama shot, thanks to Jose;
below, Aaron, Darnell, Evan, JD and Brandon

Robby, JD & BJ

A view of the downtown skyline I don't often see, in EADO

And, they had my Spotify Playlist #1 on the sound system, when we adjourned to the 4th floor

I included almost every photo I have, as damn, This is a good-looking group!


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