Houston GLBT Political Caucus
aka: Gay Political Caucus (1975)
Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus (1987)
GLBT Political Caucus (2005)


hey, it's me, I gave a short talk about my various history websites at the May meeting

Above, we lost a powerful leader, Kristan Capps

below, shown document that the "LGBT" version of the logo was used as
late as 9/24/17, at least on a image of caucus correspondence

Honored at the Equality Brunch were...
Tony and Bruce Award: Colt and Becca Keo-Meier
President's Award: Atlantis Narcisse
John Paul Barnich Award: Kevin Anderson
Don Hrachovy Award: Kris Banks
Kristen Capps Award: Alan Dettlaff

below, a new Facebook image appeared 12/17/17

Frances Valdez chose not to run for re-election, to be held January 3, 2018
Vice-President Mike Webb announced his own candidacy for President
and in an unusual move campaigned actively on Facebook.

In another unusual move, in an article written by Former President Fran Watson
and published in Spectrum South, concerns about Webb's mental health
issues were addressed directly and openly

Link to the Article


On to 2018

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