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A Brief History of San Antonio's Queer Media

San Antonio LGBTQ Publications: A Portal to
the City’s Queer Past, Now Available Online

And also, a couple of other South Texas pubs....
A dash of El Paso & Corpus Christi

This section of this site will feature downloadable and searchable PDF files of selected gay & lesbian publications, mostly from San Antonio. This is by no means all of the ones that existed, just the ones to which I had access, and all are rare and interesting. If you can provide other issues of these and similar publications for scanning purposes, please contact me. I am displaying these in roughly year order. Access to these publications is courtesy of the University of Houston LGBT Special Collections and the University of Texas San Antonio Libraries Special Collections. Additional references from Austin History Center.
Almost all publications on this page from UTSA, except Community (from my Archives)

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Snapshots of Gay Home Life in San Antonio, 1957

Hap Veltman's San Antonio Country, Video

"Gay in San Antonio" Conference, May 1976

Together Gay , 1973-1976
South Texas Community News (1978-79)

Together Gay

Early newspaper, from Dec 1973 , with page lengths seeming to vary with each issue. From UTSA

The Austin History Center has 30 issues, so maybe lasted into 1976.

Vol 1-5, 7404, PDF

Vol 2-1, 7409, PDF

South Texas
Community News

VERY amateur effort, mostly done by literally pasting articles from other sources and little original content. Surprised it made it to Vol 3-13. These three issues at UTSA.

Vol 2-8, 4/20/78, PDF
Vol 2-9, 5/4/78, PDF

Vol 3-13, 8/2/79, PDF

Community, 1980-1981
This was a small (5 1/2x 8 1/2) pub, a bi-monthly, only 20 pages with a market aimed the bar-going crowds of San Antonio and Austin. In a way it was TWT-lite. The ten copies I have seen never give the names of the publisher, editor, or anyone....just "Tex-Ray Communictions." They could be bar owners, as is sometimes the case for small publications, a venture to increase business.

Their usual features include some news stories, bar gossip, horoscopes, bar event calendar, bar photos and many ads. The production was at times a bit amateur...they left out the masthead twice, and there's an issue dated 5/15/81 but the next issue has no date, but its calendar covers the same timeframe. As they did not use Volume numbers we cannot guess when it began...we only know about the issues I have.


Community has such a generic name that it is difficult to search for any history of it.

If you know some,
please let me know

Here's a bit more history,
I could use a lot more

12/19/80, PDF


01/02/81, PDF

02/20/81, PDF

03/06/81, PDF

03/20/81, PDF


04/03/81, PDF

04/17/81, PDF

05/15/81, PDF

05/15/81-2, PDF

6/5/81, PDF


Calendar (1982 ~ 1987)


Published by Michael Stevens and the San Antonio Gay Alliance (SAGA). Initially was more pocket size, switching to regular size in July 83; stopped using vol #s in 1985. Last issue end of 1987

UTSA has 71 copies online


Vol 1-13, 11/19/82, PDF
Vol 2-6, 063082, PDF

Vol 3-12, 06/19/83, PDF

Vol 3-14, 7/15/83, PDF
11/4/83, PDF

2/19/85, PDF
/85, PDF

9/25/87, PDF


12/18/87, PDF

Bar Talk (1985 - 2000)
Alternatives (1987)

Bar Talk

Published by William Snyder, Edited by Gene Evans, by "SA STCN," which may be a continuation of that pub above. UTSA says it ran from 1985 to 2000, and has hard copies on hand, though only one copy online, and I only found the image of one other cover, from Jan 93

July 1987, PDF

Per the UTSA site digital copies can be viewed in Special Collections.


Edited by Lole J Charles, about 12 pages, from Dec 1986 to at least mid-87, unknown after that.


Not related to the 1994 publication of the same name below.


Vol 1-1, 12/19/86, PDF

Vol 2-1, 01/12/87, PDF
Vol 2-1, 07/01/87, PDF


WomenSpace (1986 - 2007)


San Antonio newsletter begun in Feb 86 as Women's Community Journal, and in mid-86 morphing into WomanSpace, and lasting into 2009 per this link where over 200 issues can be found. Last issue March 2007. Published by a Collective of volunteers.

Mar-Apr 86, PDF


Mar-Apr 87, PDF

Vol 5-4, Feb 93, PDF

Vol 10-7, May 98, PDF

Vol 12-7, May 00, PDF

River City Empty Closet (1990-91)

River City Empty Closet

Published bi-weekly from unknown start in 1990 to May 1991 by
Paul R. Cirre, RCEC Communications.

From UTSA, which has these issues form Vol 2.

Vol 2-1, 01/24/91, PDF

Vol 2-2, 02/07/91, PDF

Vol 2-4, 03/07/91, PDF

Vol 2-5, 03/21/91, PDF
Vol 2-6, 04/03/91, PDF

Vol 2-7, 04/17/91, PDF
Vol 2-8, 05/01/91, PDF

Out in San Antonio (1991)

Out in San Antonio

A good quality 20-page paper, got off to a good start but only lasted about six months.


Vol 1-1, 06/20/91, PDF
Vol 1-2, 07/04/91, PDF

Vol 1-3, 07/25/91, PDF
Vol 1-4, 08/08/91, PDF

Vol 1-5, 08/22/91, PDF
Vol 1-6, 09/05/91, PDF

Vol 1-7, 09/19/91, PDF

Vol 1-8, 10/03/91, PDF

Vol 1-9, 10/19/91, PDF

Vol 1-10, 10/31/91, PDF

Vol 1-11, 11/14/91, PDF

Vol 1-12, 11/29/91, PDF

Vol 1-13, 12/12/91, PDF


Marquise (1992-1997)

The Marquise

A hard-news publication led by Ted Switzer from 1992-1997, 8x11", with fortunately 183 issues archived at UTSA at
this link.

Vol 1-1, 2/27/92, PDF

Vol 2-6, 03/25/93, PDF

Vol 3-4, 3/09/94, PDF

Vol 4-5, 5/95, PDF


Vol 6-2, 2/01/97, PDF
last issue

Alternatives (1994)
La Voz de Experanza (1994)


A thin but high quality publication founded in Dec 1993, with Publisher Kelly Murphy and Editor Thomas Edmonson. Unknown how long it lasted.

5/15/94, PDF

La Voz de Esperanza

Published by the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center, San Antonio, in support of marginalized people including Hispanic Americans, poc, LGBT, immigrants, etc, Format was 8 1/2x11"

More Info

At the website you can search for the regular LGBT articles


Newsletters from:

San Antonio Lesbian & Gay Association


San Antonio Black Tie Dinner


San Antonio Community News (1999)

San Antonio
Community News

Published bi-weekly by Peter Robles, from April 1999 until May 2000. Unknown if it ended then. UTSA has 15 issues.

Vol 1-1, 04/03/99, PDF

Vol 1-2, 04/16/99, PDF

Vol 1-3, 05/14/99, PDF

Vol 1-4, 06/11/99, PDF

Vol 1-5, 04/16/99, PDF

Vol 1-6, 06/25/99, PDF

Vol 1-7, 07/07/99, PDF

Vol 1-8, 07/23/99, PDF

Vol 1-9, 08/06/99, PDF

Vol 1-10, 09/01/99, PDF

Vol 1-12, 12/01/99, PDF

Vol 1-13, 01/01/00, PDF

Vol 1-15, 03/01/00, PDF

Vol 1-16, 04/01/00, PDF

Vol 2-1, 05/01/00, PDF

Rainbow Gazette (1996-2007)

Rainbow Gazette

Newsletter of the
Rainbow Garden Club

UTSA has ~ 40 of the monthly newsletters

Vol 3-12, Dec 98, PDF
Vol 9-2, Feb 04, PDF

Shocking Gray (San Antonio) & other mid-90s catalogs PDF



Other South & West Texas Publications
El Paso
Impulse - El Paso (1983-87)
Gay Pulse - El Paso (1988)


was an El Paso magazine, beginning around 1983, with Belinda Renteria as Publisher & Editor. It lasted at least through 1987, then it evolved into Gaypulse

Vol 3-4, Nov 1986, PDF

Gay Pulse

Published by Belinda Renteria; Editor was Curtis Bryant Crawford

12 pages, unknown how long it lasted

Vol 1-11, Aug 88 PDF



Corpus Christi
The Go Between (1975)
The Corpus Christi Caller - Gay Life (1975)

The Go Between
Official Newsletter of the Gay Organization of Corpus Christi

Vol 1 & 2, Jun-Jul 1975
In July 1975 the city paper in Corpus Christi, the Caller, ran a thorough and controversial 8-part series on "The Gay Life."
Corpus Christi Lifestyle (1986 +?)

Corpus Christi Lifestyle

small 16-page pub,
5 1/2" x 8 1/2",
social and bar news.
Last Minute Press,
Tod Murphy Editor, was also a former Mr Hidden Door, and an employee.

This is issue #18, July 3, 1986, unknown how long it lasted

 Additions are added often, so please check back