Larry Bagneris
( Including 2021 as Honorary GM)

Below, the genesis of Gay Pride Week, 1979

Note that Bagneris was one of the GPW committee members,
and identified as Parade Chair,
and by that time the GPC was endorsing it

Pride Parade 1979

with Carol Fennema, Pride Chairs

I just pulled the main ones of Larry for this section,
all the other photos are found At This Link

with Guy Amedee, Pride Chair


At Rally in Spotts Park, with unknown, Carol Fennema and Andy Mills.
At right,
Carol Fennema, Larry Bagneris, giving out trophies, probably for Parade floats

Texas Day (held the previous Sunday)



Greer Price and Larry Bagneris


In the early years Gay Pride Week was under the aegis of the GPC,

with Greer Price being HGPW chairperson for 1980. Larry was in charge of he Parade
and became overall chairperson for 1981.


1979 was also the year of the first March on Washington, Larry is in this photo

Houstonians at the Hotel, the day before the March


Pride Parade 1980

Larry in middele photo, from TWT

Pride Parade 1981

Pride Parade 1982

Yes, Chairman of GPW AND President of GPC
also, in the 6th photo in this grouping

Pride Parade 1983


Pride Parade 1984

Pride Parade 1985

Pride Parade 1986

Not all went smoothly...


Pride Parade 1987

Before the next Parade, Larry had moved
back to New Orleans

with running the Parade
taken over by these folks

And, just to keep track, here are
the Pride Committe leaders through
1991, when Jack Valinski took over

Pride Parade 1988

Pride Parade 1989

Pride Parade 1990

Pride Parade 1991 to 1996





It turns out Larry Bagneris has more Houston Pride History.
For 2021 he was chosed as an Honorary Grand Marshal,
Long Overdue

and, due to the pandemic, there was no Parade in 2020 and 2021
So all GMs were honored for the three years in 2022


Below, I'm with Larry at the Grand Marshal Reception on 6/16/22