The Red Room
612 Hadley

The Red Room was a prominent early bar in Houston.

But before it at that address was Shirley's Place.
Below from Citizen's News (SF), Feb 24, 1964

BUT.....Cole's Directory for 1964, instead of Shirley's Lounge, lists the Little Lounge;
and by 1965 it was the Red Room. I checked as far as 1972.

Below, early bar listing from the Albatross, 8/18/65, including the Red Room.
I only have data (see above) to verify that by August 1964 it was already in business,
though a mention in a Summer 1968 Albatross says it "has always been a
popular bistro since its inception in 1964.

Cole's Directory for 1965 shows the Red Room

It closed in the Fall of 1974.


It is interesting that most of the early ads only display "RR" and not a spelled out name.



Above right, political action at the Red Room

Intersting license announcement, did the Red Rooim not serve mixed
drinks prior to 1971, or was some sort of re-licensing required


David feature on Red Room bartender Bruce

the next two ads were spread over two pages, so I did three scans of each ad




Above, the Red Room was included in the bar listing of Contact in June 1974,
and was gone by December 1974, replaced by Odds & Ends at the same address.
(I do not have the issues in between to narrow it down more)