The Pink Elephant
1218 Leeland

The Pink Elephant was in business much longer than most Houston bars,
lasting (if you believe their ads) from September 1936 until December 1984, 48 years.

The first issue of The Albatross, 8/18/65, includes the Pink Elephant in its bar listings

1958 Raid

1968 & 1977 Damron's Listings

Ads & Articles

Below, from Ciao 1974 article, the only photo I've found of the Pink Elephant

Below, 1980 article including the Pink Elephant

above, earliest ad I found



Above, note that this week the ad changes from
44 to 45 years, meaning they opened in August 1936



there were no ads placed in the TWT during 1984

This sure isn't as much history of the Pink Elephant as I would like,
so I would be delighted if you can provide me more, contact me

below taken by Brandon Wolf, when the closing was announced;
he said the sign was not neon, just illuminated with a pink light