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A growing resource site of mostly Houston
LGBT history, with some statewide information

Online, searchable LGBT obituary database
An Exhibition, a Pop-Up Museum of Houston
LGBT History

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From January 2000 until March 2015 "Queer Music Heritage" was both a radio show and a website, and the goal of both was to preserve and share the music of our culture. Each month's page gives the playlist and additional pages of info, and you can stream or download every show. Although the programming has stopped the site will continue as a resource for the history of LGBT music.


From the start I found my QMH site a place to share the extensive information
I have on Female Impersonation, mostly vintage, and including a music discography of those singing drag queens. There's a wide variety, including drag scrapbooks, sheet music, club programs, postcards, and memorabilia.

This is a special project of my radio show and website Queer Music Heritage. It was designed as
sort of a study guide, or lesson plan, and I hope it appeals to those LGBT Studies courses now found
at many universities around the country.

A companion show to QMH, OutRadio focused mainly on new LGBT music. The show ran from January 2010 through March 2015, and is completely archived.


Audiofile was a monthly music review segment carried by the radio newsmagazine This Way Out, lasting 14 years, from 1997 through the end of 2010. All segments are archived.

QMH - The Blog

For a few years, mostly 2012 through 2014, I maintained a music blog for expanding on info not covered in the radio shows. As I launched the other big sites and, in 2015 discontinued the radio part,
I did very few entries but there's still lots of good stuff to be found.



And there's also my activity on Facebook. I normally do 12 - 15 posts
per day towards my Gay Agenda: To entertain and educate about
our culture....this could be showing the covers of old LGBT publications,
bar ads (mostly from Houston), vintage photos of (perhaps) gay & lesbian
couples, book covers, music information, cartoons, etc etc etc.


Mission Statement

The mission of JD Doyle Archives is to gather, digitize and share LGBT music and Houston/Texas LGBT history.
The work began in 2000 with the radio program Queer Music Heritage, which ran until 2015. The companion website,, includes playlists and showcases information on many other areas, archiving all as a
resource. In recent years additional sites have been launched to house Houston history and Texas obituaries,
both ever expanding, with a common goal of making our history accessible. The above is a list of the websites
that have been developed.

Board Members: JD Doyle (Pres), Eric Liston (Treas), Sara Fernandez (Sec), Jack Valinski



The JD Doyle Archives has been approved by the IRS for 501c3 non-profit status,
so all donations are tax deductible. If you enjoy my site, please consider a small donation. The site has
a huge amount of PDF files and graphics, and well, it's an expensive site, requiring a large dedicated server.
If you're moved to help share and preserve our culture's history it would be very much appreciated. - JD Doyle

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